Boeddhisme voor Denkers

Together with Han de Wit I wrote Boeddhisme voor Denkers (2014) for the Dutch publishing house Ten Have. It is a dialogue between Western and Buddhist thought.

Han is a psychologist, philosopher and Buddhist teacher. When we first met, I didn’t know more about Buddhism than the average graduate in The Netherlands – not a lot. I first interviewed Han for Filosofie Magazine, and later we started to engage in long and stimulating conversations, which eventually resulted in this book. The first chapter is freely available online.



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As those of you who have looked beyond the stereotypes and seriously engaged with Buddhist thought will know, Buddhist philosophy is very enriching and has some methods and insights on offer, that are barely known in the West. For me, engaging with Buddhist philosophy has been highly rewarding.

In 2016 a French translation – Bouddha Philosophe – was published by the Parisian publishing house L’iconoclaste. It is available in many bookstores and can be ordered online. French or English readers who would like to know more about my approach to Buddhism, may get an impression from this interview:

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For English readers, some translated excerpts of the book can be read here:

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