I’m affiliated to Utrecht University, where I work as PhD-student in the research programme Evolutionary Ethics. Here’s a picture of our research group.


From left to right: Jeroen Hopster (PhD-student), Michael Klenk (PhD-student), Herman Philipse (project leader), Julia Hermann (postdoc), Wouter Kalf (postdoc), Joeri Witteveen (postdoc)

We regularly organize conferences and symposia, such as the conference Objectivity in Ethics (2016). To get an impression of the conference, please visit:


Here I introduce one of the keynote lecturers, Sharon Street, whose metaethical writings I find very engaging:


My own PhD-research concerns the ethical and metaethical implications of empirical and theoretical findings in the field of evolution. Can we procure a sufficiently strong account of moral objectivity in the face of morality’s evolutionary origins? One of my papers on this topic, published in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice (2017), is freely accessible online:

Apart from my PhD-research, I’m interested in several fields of academic philosophy, specifically the philosophy of biology, the history and philosophy of science, the hugo-rheinhold-darwins-ape-1892philosophy of history and the philosophy of psychology.